Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bean Soup

Soups up again!

Phew! I swear if it wasn't for this blog I wouldn't remember how to make anything again!
Hope I didn't forget anything.

Found in freezer
White beans (post soaked and frozen)
String beans
Tomatoes crushed (a left-over tub)
Bag of assorted salami
Pearl Barley
Celery leaves and stalks

Onions chopped
Coriander seeds grounded
Vegetable oil for frying
Chili (optional)
Paprika (optional)

Fry onions and garlic till soft.
Add and brown oxtail and salami. Add coriander seeds, toast together.
Add water, tomatoes, veggies, pepper.  Do not add salt as I've been told it 'toughens' the beans.  Add only at the end.
Boil, remove scum and simmer forever or till beans are soft.
Add barley simmer till soft.
Taste, adjust seasoning. I added some ketchup here.

I served with chili flakes, parmesan and coriander leaves.

Whole house smells of 'home'

The barley is great here, and as I am not much of a lover of beans this turned out really good.  Be sure to 'order' a really cold wintery day, stuck indoors with just the heat and aroma from the stove for company. :) Enjoy my friends!

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