Sunday, April 20, 2014

Celery and Apple Salad

Sooooo  in love with this Salad.

Best of all you use ALL the celery, leaves and ugly stems.  The Whole LOT!!


Green Apples - no need to peel, just chopped to small pieces
Celery, leaves and stems chopped to tiny pieces
Pumpkin seeds (toasted)
Sunflower seeds  (toasted)
Goji Berries (optional)
Coriander (optional)
Walnuts (optional)

Olive Oil

The success of this salad lies in the chopping to small pieces all the green veggies and fruit,  ie celery, coriander and apples.

Here all ready to go!
This salad travels very well to picnics, camping etc.  Just keep the dressing in a handy bottle add before serving  along with toasted seeds.

Note:  Sprinkle seeds just before serving to prevent  sogginess

A wonderfully crunchy and refreshing salad.  The whole family loves this and not all my lot  even
like celery!

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