Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Camping/Scrounging/Emergency Work lunch

Frozen corn in Office freezer Rules OK!

With that as a base, my trusty couscous, and tuna tin always in the drawer.
Boiled egg and veggie salad mixed in. Delicious!

I always have in the office bag of essentials:
soy sauce
sea salt
chili flakes
sesame oil
black sesame, white sesame
olive oil
Ramen dried noodles

In the office freezer right now: I keep small amounts of:
misu flavouring
sweet corn (in season)
frozen lasagna (new addition) re-heated lasagna with fresh side salad is great!
Parmesan cheese

The seafood should be 'cooked' by soaking in hot water only till done.  Otherwise they can be easily over cooked and rubbery.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Baked Potato and veggies

Potato pierced and microwaved from raw. (Takes ages - work micro wave about 15 mins depending on size)

Always have frozen post-cooked sweet corn.  NOT in microwave as is.  I like to immerse it in a tall cup with hot water from frozen.  Change water a few times and finally heat in micro wave still immersed in water for a final steaming hot, buttery cob.

Same with raw broccoli, immerse in hot water and micro wave ABIT  - still crunchy.

All smothered with butter, sea salt, and fresh black pepper.
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