Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quiche: No plan Quiche

Eggs (4)
Feta cheese
Courgettes (zuchinni)
Cauliflower (pre boiled - post spiced)

Cook on stove, finish under high grill till lightly charred and crispy.
Serve with lots of tahini. Surprisingly Delish.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Zakaim Meetup

1.  Kolarabi & Watermelon with toasted cashunuts

2.  Kale and Watermelon in oil and vinegarette

3.  Tahini and condiments plus 1/4 onion

4.  Sorrel in reduced apple and vinegar dressing - delish

5.  Aubergine, Tahini and condiments, chopped bell pepper and tomato sauce

6.  Fresh assortment of tomatoes, sliced chilis and oil, salt dressing

7.  Creamy polenta with corn.  Very tasty with the corn flavour

8.  Mushrooms with full spring onions.  The onions were surprisingly tasty.

9.  Rice in cabbage leave cooked for 24 hours, was sweet, slightly burnt with tahini sauce.  Didn't     finish.

10.  Creamed spinach? OK

Plus Crispy fried potatoes (butter or better arabic potatoes)
baked then deep fried served with homemade ketchup

85 nis per head.  Nice talk with the chef

Gazooz of Vinegar,cucumber, sugar. soda - refreshing delicious.

Plus at the end of the talk, Lemon cake and dark chocolate rolade cookie was served

Take from website, as didn't have photos of:

 11.  Home made fries from Arabic potatoes, baked, TORN then deep fried

 Aubergine baked

12.  Lettace in Parmesan and toasted croutons

13. Home made challah

14.  Baby peanut squash baked

Thursday, May 7, 2015

lasagna - Veggie Tomato Sauce

Super easy.

Canned Tomatoes
Lasagna paste sheets
Mince meat (Optional)
Thyme (sparingly)

Chop veggies i.e: carrots, courgettes, onions, garlic, (tomatoes), mushrooms
Fry onions and garlic till soft.
Add carrots, soften, add courgettes, mushrooms, soften a bit.
Add canned tomatoes (if using, this is what makes it super fast and easy) and wine

Make the sauce a bit runnier than desired as this will help with dry lasagna sheets

Place ladle of sauce on bottom of dish.  Layer of lasagna. Layer of red sauce, topped with spinach layer, Repeat.
Top with red sauce, sprinkle panko breadcrumbs and then grated cheese. Super easy.
More fancy and if you have the time and desire.  Top with  white cheese sauce and sprinkle with breadcrumbs and more cheese.

Chicken in Soy, Anise, Cinnamon, Garlic Sauce

Chicken (on the bone tastes best)
Bay Leaf
Silan (or sugar)
Black Beans (rinsed)
Spring Onions (for garnish)

Oil 1 tablespoon, fry and brown chicken pieces.
Take out and set aside.
In same pan and oil fry garlic ginger and black beans.
Stir till all coated.
Add rest of ingredients, then add chicken.
Bring to boil then lower temperature and cook till inside of thickest chicken piece is done.
Should be tender and moist.
Serve on rice with steamed or stir-fried veggies.
Sauce can be drizzled on dish or/and the seamed veggies to accompany.
Any sauce left can be frozen and stored till next time.

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