Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pies: Steak 'n' Kid

Prime Entrecote (rib eye) steak!  (sale; 150nis/kg)

 Brown -  Separated and fried fat first, then added cubed steak
Added soy, worchestershire (Lea & perrrins) black pepper.
Fried in own steak fat for MAXimum flavour

Add chopped carrots

Added onions, garlic, and mushrooms (sorry Oren)  

Same for kidney
Note: for next time, don't cook kidneys.  They came out a bit tough after baking...

Short Crust Pastry
Ice cold water; Plain flour; Salt; Butter.  That's it!
Recipe here

Rest in fridge, so it gets nice and chilled

Super easy to roll out when cold.  Plus Winter in Israel is just GREAT!

2nd pastry added chopped dill for that "Oh fancy pastry" look!

Line tins

Child labour

Child fun

More fun

Childhood Baking - best memories of all..and tastiest


Top and freeze

LABEL - very important!!   Steaks only,      Kidney only;     Steak 'n' Kid
All lined up like soldiers,   quick and ready meals for those days when all I want is the kids to threw straight from freezer to oven a homemade pie.  And hey presto!!

Oh washing up after...

Child labor....

Not only cheap

best play time ever

Almost done!

So let me tell you....
After work and a looooong day.  Winter:  17:00  and it's pitch black Mid-night outside.
Came home STARVING, threw 4 pies and some sliced potatoes - 7 minutes work MAX.

And I am a  free woman for at least an hour..WOW!!

Soaked in a HOT bath, hair, oils....Bathed kiddo.  All out.  Dried and cleaned.
Added  a handful of greens from a bag of  already washed baby leaves.
Haha (worked so hard - NOT - well "did" - making the pies, oh ages ago, forgotten, almost, now reaping the rewards - YES!)
Dinner is on the table!

Best pastry I've ever made, very light and airy, crispy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

Yup, tasted as good as it looks.  And I got to have my bath AND a clean kid.
Happy me.

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