Monday, February 2, 2015

Cauliflower, Roasted - Eyal Shani's recipe

Beautiful bouqet!
Olive Oil, Salt Coarse, Black Pepper -plenty 
Careful not to boil for too long, the flower needs to be quite hard if you want it crunchy, which  I do!

Sits best you can on a scrunched up, wet baking paper.
I baked on high oven around 250 oC
Roast and brown under a grill if needed.


1.  In a deep pan bring to boil  water with some salt in (or pour from hot kettle)
2.  Invert the whole cauli , stem and all into the boiling water.
3.  Cook till cauli is blanched.  Hard to say, depends how big the cauli is.
     when it's still hard but bit soft or slightly gives on touch
4.  Crumple baking paper in hand and wet under the tap.  Wrap cauli inside like a bouquet.
     (I found standing it on a glass or bowl helps here).
5.  Pour good olive oil on top, Sprinkle coarse salt and fresh black pepper ( I like a lot)

6.  Bake in hot oven around 250 oC  middle shelf till brown, turn with tongs to brown other side.

Serve straight from the oven, steamy and hot!

Tip:  Serve with scissors

Click here for original recipe

Hooo Haaaa perfectly uniformly browned

Done under Eylon's instructions: "steamed' in shallow boiling water in closed pan for about 10 mins depending on size of cauli.  Then sitting on wet crushed baking paper.  In the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper.

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