Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cheezy broccoli & sweet-corn mini quiches

Big hit with the family, because of the paper cases they were so easy to handle and eat on the go too.  And no messy clean ups!
Big flavours here, used a bag of mixed cheeses of which for sure I will never be again to obtain the exact same kinds.  But that's life..never the same river twice.  

Oh I splurged this time and used cream.  Eggs and grated cheese, 2 tbps of flour, sweet-corn and post-steamed broccoli (as small as you can be bothered to make them).
Mix and pour into the paper cases.  Bake at 180 till done.

Picked Peppers - super quick

Very quick indeed.
Admittedly, this was  rescue in disguise, I  saw the peppers STILL in the fridge and seeing I will have not time to do anything with them in a dish soon, decided best bet was to 'BUY TIME" so pickling it was!
Wash peppers, prettiest if you have multi-coloured, but perfectly fine if you just have red like I have here.
Place in plastic bag and micro-wave for say 10 mins.  Leave to cool.  Then peel the skin as well as you can.  "Don't worry if you don't get all the skin off.  Cut in strips ( I used sissors)   In a separate glass mix regular vinegar, white sugar, salt, dissolve granules and mix into the peppers.  Dress up with white and black sesame, add some chopped green coriander.

Buckwheat Crackers/bread

Bread recipe contained eggs and not yeast.
This did rise quite a bit, but looked spongy to my mind, anyways into the oven...

Nice nutty taste, but the texture was too cakey for me and not the bread I was looking for.
Another recipe next time.  I think.  By the way this recipe required 2 eggs/500g buckwheat flour and no yeast.

This new recipe the dough did not rise at all after many hours.
So rolled it out and baked it.  If not bread then we shall have crackers.  It was next on my list anyway.
Click here for Buckwheat Recipe

Note, this did not rise for me, I rolled the dough indented (this helps to break and eat later) before baking in a warm oven about 150 till crispy and brown.
NOTE:  Roll as thin as possible for delicate crispiness!  (Not so nice when it's a thick slab)
Also note to self add cheddar in mixture or Parmesan for cheezy kick. 

Came out very nice, considering it was a 'rescue'  will add more seeds and perhaps flax next time.
Fresh from the oven lovely and crispy.  If kept longer, then should be toasted just in a regular toaster to crisp it up, it looses it's crunchiness, unless you like your crackers less crusty.

 My salad of this Summer is this refreshing celery and apple salad.  Delish.
Recipe for refreshing salad

Favourite salad, home made labane, and home made buck wheat Crackers.  What could be more healthy and satisfying ..

½ teaspoon baker's yeast
2 heaped teaspoons raw sugar
1 cup lukewarm water

3½ cups buckwheat flour (preferably organic)
1 cup oats (quick oats, large oats or a mixture of both)

1¼ cups seeds: ¾ cup sunflower, ¼ cup flax, ¼ cup sesame
1 teaspoon fine sea salt
1¾ cup water 

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