Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pickled Onions


Frozen fruits galore!
Here, looks like Pears, Cantaloupe, Bananas, Strawberries

Plus Ginger

Pears, Cantaloupe, Bananas, Ginger and water.

Baby loves too,tad diluted for HIS bottle.

Nothing goes to waste, what baby didn't eat for brekky goes in the shake.  Not bad huh?

Fish in Ginger & Shiitake mushrooms Sauce

 Lovely fresh Dennis, bought this morning, eating this evening!

 Prepare veggies.

 Deep fried ginger to garnish

 Crispy skin was delish!
Sauce came out silky and tasty

Simple stir fried cabbage, carrots in oyster sauce.

Apple & Pear Broth for Coughs

  Pears, Green Apples and Ginger.  Lots of cold water.

Bring to boil, then simmer till soft.  Leave to cool, drink either hot or cold.   Depending on type of cough, this not only subside the coughing fits but help the lungs.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

M&M's, KitKat Scoop Thingy Creation

Ramekin dish and kitkat tied with wire edge ribbon.

Tiny scoop for tiny hands.
Quite nice when they spilled over.  Very very colourful.

More scoops more hands...

It is very pretty.

I suppose living in a desert, kitkats are to be expected be mangled by the intense heat here.
If it was say in the UK Cadury's chocolate fingers would be used.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mujaddara Left overs with Salmon

Crispy skin pan-fried Salmon (is this what they mean by blackend?)

Yesterday's Mujaddara as a 'base'
Added: Red Onions thinly sliced
Red peppers - Sliced
Coriander - chopped

Nice combination of colours - me thinks
Dressed with lots of lemon juice and if  you feel like, some fish sauce would go good here too.  I decided not, don't ask me why, too much on a Shabbat morning I guess.

Down Town Asian - Flea Market

 Flea market always interesting...

 Flea market just getting started.

 Lots of bamboo steamers!

 Who ha!

 Wow All home made

 Salty eggs and crackling I think.

 Lovely fresh greens

 Fragrant Dried Fish

 Assortments of taste bud teasers

 Interesting fish...

 Momo has his eye only on one thing.  Bao!

 Very tasty.  Not Char Sui Bao but a main land China version I imagine.


 Great colours!

 That sweet tapioca drink

Homeward bound

Nice easy bike trip with baby on Shabbat.
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