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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dinner party: Menu1

Vietnamese Roll
Potato & Celery Soup served with Cheese sticks

Chicken Curry
Veggie Rice

Broccoli & Red onion in vinegarette dressing
Roasted Spicy Cauliflower
Cucumber & Pomegranite Salad

Chocolate Fondue with seasonal fruits
Creme Caramel garnished with sliced strawberries

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lentil Soup

Lentils (orange)
Coriander seeds grounded (optional)
Carrots   (or Pumpkin (roasted)/ or Sweet Potato (roasted))

Fry chopped onions and garlic till soft.  (Add salt to make onions 'sweat', also prevents from charring.)
Add cumin, and what other spice you like.  Stir.

Add stock or boiling water.
Add roasted pumpkin or chopped carrots or roasted yams/sweet potato.  ( Set a few aside for garnish.)
Bring to boil and cook till hard veggies are soft.
Add raw unsoaked orange lentils.  Stir.
Cook till all soften and then blitz (puree).
Taste, adjust seasoning.

Serve hot with these possible toppings:
Grated parmesan
Soften mushrooms
Fried ground meat

Garnish with green leaves ie coriander and top with touch of red chilis. /Touch of lemon zest could be fabulous here too - me thinks.
Its a great 'base' for adding your own variations and touches, below hubby added fried mince meat, pumpkin seeds and fluffy white rice for a hearty all-in-one soup.

I have had this soup on the table within 30-40 minutes from thinking about it to serving it.
Just ensure the vegetables are cut small enough for fast boiling.

Nothing beats coming home on these long dark winter nights to a hot bowl of comfort soup.  Fresh bread in the oven, hoping what my kids childhood memories will be are made of.


Onion bread to accompany
Basic Bread Recipe - Click here

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Apple Crumble

Quick Apple Crumble.

250g Plain flour
150g Sugar
Zest of lemon
120g Butter/margarine
sliced almonds
Apples what you prefer I like sour apples such as granny smiths

1. Peel, core and chop apples to chunks, size of chunks depends of how mushy you like your filling.

2. Crumble all ingredients to resemble bread crumbs

3. Spread the apples onto a oven-proof dish, sprinkle the crumble mixture top with some sliced almonds.

Bake in 180c oven for about 40 mins or till golden brown.
Serve with classic custard, or fresh cream or ice cream.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Black Bean Beef/Chicken and Veg

Black Bean
Vegetable Oil
Green Onions

Prepare Black Bean:
Wash a generous handful of black beans in water. set a side
Peel and chop 3 good teeths of garlic, set a side

Heat a dash of oil in wok with the garlic and black beans.

Add chopped vegetables such as carrots, spinach, assorted colourful peppers (green/red/orange)

Add prepared meat (see post: Beef in Tomato Sauce)

The sauce should thicken, if you prefer thicker sauce, add cornflour mixed with water.

Serve on a generous plate with lots of chopped onions or chopped corriander
Serve with hot fresh white rice.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yorkshire Pudding

The best!

Basically pancake mix:
Plain Flour

Last time I added baking powder. They came out fluffy and tall.  Will try again just to make sure wasn't a one time fluke

Mix in blender or whatever thoroughly.
Heat oven to very hot and splash some oil in each cup. Heat the tray with oil inside till smoking.

Take tray out and very quickly pour the batter to fill about a 1/3 full of each cup.
Bake in very hot oven and bake till puffy and golden brown.
Serve with Roast beef and gravy, of-course.
Or for a twist, serve with whipped cream and treacle on top. Divine!

 Garlic studded entrecote, rib-eye roast.   Super soft and moist.
Put in pre-heated oven on high temp, then lower after so 20 mins to 200-ish oC  till done.  (Depends on size of rmeat)
Keep the juices and make the best ever gravy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nico's Party Cookies

My son wanted to round some of his friends over for a sleep-over, I figured why not?

What a joy to watch the boys play,talk and bake!
Eating and laughing around the table, interesting to see who enjoyed rolling the cookie dough.
Who chose only heart shapes.
Who chose the smallest shapes to get the most number of cookies!
Others went for the classic respectable gingerman.
Don't ask how many cookies made it home.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heinmy - Fish in Lemon and tomato pepper sauce

Red Peppers sliced
Lemons Sliced
Corriander/Parsely chopped
Onions Sliced
Tomatoes chopped
Fish of your choice


Heat a dash of oil in large pan.
Layer in the big frying pan sliced onions, till brown then add tomatoes till soften, and peppers,sprinkle the spices, layer lemons, on top layer fish, hopefully you have enough juices from the veg to cover most of the fish, salt and pepper and cover.
Cook till fish just done.
Garnish with chopped greens (corriander)
Serve immediately with large chunks of bread, rice or couscous.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today's bento Dore (18.05.2011)

Chelsea Buns

Probably the original recipe

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School Bento

Nico's request:
Tuna burrito with usual veggies, lettuce, peppers, sour cream.
Cherry Tomatoes and baby cucumbers on the side.

Dore had 2 avocado and lettuce sandwhichs made from home-made bread
Cherry Tomatoes and baby cukes.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Made sushi the other night after a long break. Came out perhaps not so visually the best, but just as tasty as the best looking we've done!
There were no left overs so Oren made more just for his bento lunch the next day


My very first bento, clockwise; pasta salad,sushi,watermelon and cherry tomatoes, small wooden fork so not to get sticky fingers, plus of-course napkin
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