Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bento Momo

This is one of those bolts of revelation in my life where the design is so awesome, so RIGHT, so sensible and it works!  How did I not have this before now??!!  Just glad I have it now and to let anyone out there know   It's worth getting!!

Love, love. love this, stacks up slim and small fits into any nursery bag.  Best thing, the food doesn't get messed up, unlike the large, flat, compartmental containers which has to be placed vertically into the bag and all the food pours to one side.
Here food is stacked and stays in place, perfect!!!
Plus the little forkies keeps small grubby fingers from contaminating the food.

Love, love, love.  So does kiddo.

Just to show the width comparison -  next to my mobile phone.
Super slim can fit vertically in any child's bag!
Food stays in place and any spillage avoided. Perfect!

Bought here

Bento lives on!
From the left malloach, basically carbs, bread like yemenite breakfast. Veggie sticks and salt. Kiddo complained cukes are tasteless with sprinkle of salt....Far left, dried banana chips, almond nuts and dried coconut chips. Napkin, 'maybe' he will use it...

Nice to know what kiddo likes and what is left.

Left over rice and salmon. Kiddo asked for sushi for school.  Topped with veggie sticks and some dried banana chips and sweet pecans

Extra for me. Yum! - 2 days of sushi bento to school

Break from sushi, quick omelette, veggie sticks,

Football after school. Long day today. So added an orange for vital vitamin C

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Capers pickling

This bush is the most vicious ever, I've encountered.  The thorns are hook-like and vengeful claws dig deep and too easily!  Approach with deepest caution..or desperation for heavenly caper harvesting

In abundance!  Little wonder the thorns here is one of Natures on-Prozac nastiest deterrent...almost 

Soaking in water for a about a week,  Then to transfer to brine..so the recipes says..

 Changed water every day for about a week.  There was a odor each time the lid was opened, but this was fine and as should be.  So don't worry.  Capers gradually changed  colour from vibrant green to a khaki colour and the water is slightly scarlet.

 Ready for tasting.

Delicious, stalks and all.  Even the ones that opened slightly to a flower, My favourites were the tiny ones,   Worth all the pain against those vicious hooks on the caper bush.

Sabich - Home grown oops... made

Oh yea!
Tasted as good as it looks!

Felafel and Sabich

Crispy light and delicious
I cut the aubergines/eggplant to thick 1.5 cm thick for a good "steak'
My son likes them super thin as served on the streets in Tel Aviv.
BTW, I don't always bother or have time or mood to salt the aubergines.
If you can, sprinkle lightly salt, no need to wash off.
Dip in flour
Then dip in thick batter (water, flour, salt - whizz in blender to thick cream consistency)
Fry in very hot pre-heated oil

Don't think twice.  Cooked the whole batch.
Below the secret is revealed on how to re-heat to crispy fresh perfection!

Squish in freshly made salad, chili flakes and we're done!

Home made humus, fried onions and mushrooms to top,
Paprika and coriander for garnish

Crazy good

When in the mood for Sabich, felafel is a good companion

Secret is out!:
best way of re-heating sabich is in the toaster!! along with the pitta.
The sabich comes out hot and toasty crisp. Perfect!

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