Friday, May 5, 2017

Aubergine - Eggplant

Classic aubergine - wrapped in foil on the stove for a ridiculously long time.  Scoop when soft and ready, add tehina.  Delicious!

Celery bulb Root Salad

From the "Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cook book" Salma..

Celery Bulb root, peeled and washed.- julienne sticks
Kohlrabi - peeled and washed - sliced thinly
Chopped corriander

Dressing 1: (original from the book)
yoghurt, lemon juice, salt, mustard,- mix, dress and rest.

Dressing 2: (my preference)
Vinegar, sugar, salt, - mix, dress and rest.

This salad actually tastes better when it  can rest in the dressing for a while.  Will not go soggy but absorbs and develops quite a "bite".  Like pickles.

Sumac or nigella seeds or black sesame for garnish.
Very crunchy salad.

Surprisingly very nice!  The celery bulb was a new one for me.  Also doing something with Kohlrabi that was interesting was a plus too.
I later added carrots for colour and taste, Worked great!!
I'm guessing that any of your favourite "root" veggie would work wonders here.
Left on the table, the whole family just pecked at it randomly.

Ginger snaps and cream

So good, so easy,
Quality ginger snaps, (i'm guessing they can loose their snap)
Whip cream (no need to add sugar)
spread on biscuit top with another biscuit, repeat.  The foil helps to keep the "caterpillar" in shape.
Close the foil to close and refrigerate over night.

The ginger snaps will no longer be crunchy but surrender to a nice soft scoop together with the cream.  Delicious!
Optional, pour wild beries or your favourite fruit salad sauce with or on.!!

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