Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Birthday Dinner 2016

 Mint sauce

 Stuffed mushrooms
Chopped stubs; onions; garlic; salt; pepper; cream cheese; walnuts

 Stuffing got super dry - didn't serve

 Pickled peppers

 Thanks to Avi for fish tray


 Nooodle veggie

Hemda...spining veggie noodles

 Lentil soup with ginger

 Japanese cuke salad

 Winter fire...with sound effects!

 Pepe showing his rolada

 Galit and her amazing challah

 Ooozing dolce...

 Rona's very English, very tarty, very tasty Lemon meringue pie!

 Pepe's truffles triangles

Hemda's delicious chocolate cream

Monday, August 1, 2016


Marinate in yoghurt; tumeric; salt; paprika; cumin;

grind corriander, cloves, cardamon together.  Add cinmon stick and anise do not grind.

Heat in mutton oil sliced onions till soft.
Place aside.  Continuing frying the cinnimon stick and anise.  Add the ground spices.
Layer sliced aubergines in dish.  Then the marinaded meat.  Onions and pour fried spices over.

Bake in low-  our oven 200 everyone else's 180'c for about 4 hours.

Serve with white rice

Mutton: roast

Marinate in garlic, ginger, rosemary over night
Brown fat till crispy.
Souround with chopped vegetable ie carrots; onions; head of garlic; celery; potatoes etc
pour some liquid.
Cover and bake for 4 hours ( 750g) in low our 200'c is everyone's 180'c
Take out slice thinly.
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