Thursday, January 24, 2019


No need to soak in water first.
Cut X on outer skin
place in oven 200, sprinkle water on chestnust  Every 10 mins. Continue till burnt outside. Done.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Winter's stew

Army boy calls about food on his way home for the weekend.

Been a long week.  Israel's freezing under a cold front and blustery winds whipping the coastline and hurling palm branches recklessly across the sea front and motor lanes.

I arrived home late and get a big hug.

"Mum that soup on the stove was DELICIOUS.  I really like the chick peas and beans inside.
Scooped up with fresh home made bread all waiting in the oven :)
When a house becomes a home.

Goulash / Cholent / Kishkeh stew

White beans (post soaked - taken from freezer) - no need to thaw
Chick peas (Frozen)
Fresh Coriander (stub of bunch)
Tomato paste
Goulash meat 0.5kg
Garlic (lots used 4 cloves)
Coriander seeds

Fry and seal the meat, add chopped onions.  Stir till soft.
Add spices.  Stir.
Add garlic, carrots, potato (any other veg you may have ie courgette)
Add frozen chick peas and beans.
Add water to cover, bring to boil,
Place in pre-heated oven at 150 for ages (about 6  hours)
After 3 hours in the oven.  Place kishkeh on top of stew and return to oven for further 2 - 3 hours till done.  If drys or thickens too much to your liking, just add more water.  Cover and continue to cook.
If your kishkeh begins to fall apart in the liquid (depending on the kishkeh, some behaves differently from others) Just take out carefully while still relatively firm and set a side.  Cover, wait till the rest of the stew is ready.
Serve by cuting slice of kishkeh cover with soup/stew and serve hot.  With black pepper or chili flakes - I like mine quite chili.  Serve with fresh warm bread if possible.  Or grated cheese, or freshly baked scones.

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