Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spice Rack - Aliexpress first

 X marks the spot
Cool they thought of holes and pour slots but no mark to show where or how much to turn?
so X marks the spot
Also, the size was smaller than expected and so the "window" tad tiny and not always clear what's inside, so small sticky label will hopefully solve the problem of having "interesting" spiced dishes.

oohh they stick here too!
mmm. ..Now where to put these little buggers?

 Or here?
Very handy,  Now time and using will tell!

$14.00 for 6 and $20.00 for 9


Loving these spice containers, the more I cook and use these lovelies the more I genuinely appreciate their design.
My stove area is so much cleaner and less cluttered because these are on the fridge wall!!
The X mark the spot works wonderfully showing me where and how much to twist the opening to pour or sprinkle. Super convenient.

2 months later and still loving these, best whole family loves them too.

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