Monday, October 14, 2013

The Making of a Hamper...

".. It started with a ..... visit to my FAVOURITE spice 'everything' shop in South TLV."  
 Love this place!

 Here starts the shopping

And.....Lemons at Shuk HaCarmel

Apple, Nectarine, Pear Conserve.

These popped so loud when they came out!

Far Left and right Apple Conserve,  middle Granola

Can't believe I took this photo!

Bike break, quick ride along the sea shore

Back to the kitchen
The pale mixture in the making is, will be biscotti Click here for Recipe

Toasted seeds for Sprinkling
Black and White Sesame seeds, Pumpkin and sunflowers seeds

Just love the kitchen table full of goodies
Feels like Christmas....

Lemon Curd stacked, and  ready to go  Recipe for Lemon Curd - Click Here

Biscotti check   Biscotti Recipe Click Here

Wrapped in cellophane (aka 'cooky' chicken-an-oven-bag)

Hamper looking good...

As it's still Summer hot, so kept Fudge in the freezer till it's time.
Fudge Recipe - Click Here

Last minute brainstorm: Herbal Scented, Spicy Vinegar
Super easy, fast, and so darn pretty.  Plus another item in the basket

Scented Salt: Herbal Thyme Salt
Another super fast, great to have on the table and adds an amazing aroma and taste to everything. 
Just ground your favourite DRIED herb, ie Rosemary, Oregano, etc, add to your favourite salt and mix!  Simple!

Now time for the packing....How are we going to do this?

Unrecognizable, very well protected but not from the blasted heat.  Hope the fudge makes it.

Another little 'side' hamper wrapped in a pretty pink home-made bento bag

And inside....
Granola, Mixed Seeds Topping, Apple Conserve, Herbal Vinegar

All delivered!...And me?
Time to treat myself with a Pedicure and Manicure....What colour lacquer? Hot Choco
My toddler son kept touching my toe nails and tasting his fingers...
Yep, 'Hot Choco' Lacquer alright ....

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