Thursday, May 16, 2013



Corriander seeds - ground
Cumin ground
Onions pureed
Salt and pepper
Black mustard seeds (optiona)
Lemon grass pureed (optional)
Garam masala  (opitonal)
Curry (opitonal)
Chopped tomatoes or just Ketchup
Paprika (optional)
Lentils orange - post soaked (I try to have in the freezer at all times)
Oil - for frying

Whatever you have in the kitchen basically.

This a is recipe for concenrated Dal.
Keep this in the freezer.
When in need for dal sauce, take a block out and cook in coconut milk.  Taste and adjust flavour.
This is a GREAT way to have fantastic Indian flavour food fast and not compromise on money or taste or time!.
Its a recipe adjusted from my parents restaurant.  When I make this, the pungent smell takes me  all the way back to when I was child in my parents restaurant. kitchen :)

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