Monday, April 1, 2013

Fish Tiny Babunias

When in season, Baby/tiny babunia are worth soughting.  A true modest fishermens' dish.
Coated in a mix of flour,salt, semolina and spices.  Deep fried, serve immediately. Eaten whole, head and all, with lots of lemon juice and salt.

Call it intuition but at the market I envisioned a dish of tiny babunias.  What were the chances they were in season?  So couldn't believe my luck when the fishmonger bought out from the back a crate of these babies.
So fresh and gleaming.  I didn't even gut them, he insisted it wasn't neessary and he was right!
One very tedious chore skipped :)

1kg  Babunias - 4.35 nis -  ( 1kg/35 nis - I  used here about 1/8 = 4.35 nis)
200gr Flour -  1.5 nis
90gr - Semolina  - 1 nis -
Pinch Paprika - .20
Pinch Salt - .10

Shake in a nylon bag is the easiest and mess-free way to thoroughly coat these gems

Heat the oil to really hot before plunging the babunias in one by one, so they don't stick together..

Against the general rule for delicate fish.  I tend to fry these a tad bit more so they are extra crunchy.  Some places I've seen add a chili in the oil for that extra kick.

Straight onto kitchen towel. Gentle shake.

Then quickly onto individual plates.
Generous squeeze of lemon and sea salt.
Eat whole, head, tail, the lot.

Freaking amazing!
Life is good if you have fish your life :)

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