Friday, December 7, 2012

Honey! I made Meat Pies

ShortCrust Pastry
1 + 1/4 Plain flour
120g butter
1/2 tsp.  Salt
1/2 tsp. Vinegar
Cold water (till form a dough)
Milk  or Egg to brush on top (optional)

Best quality mincemeat
Beef Stock (worth waiting till you have real beef stock gives a much flavourful filling)
Salt Pepper
Soya sauce

1 to 2 tbps. of Cornflour mixed in 2 tbps. cold water

Fry onions and carrots  till soft.
Add meat fry till brown.
Add soya and worchestershire

Add cornflour mix to thicken.
Line pastry.
Scoop in filling then top and close pie with another layer of pastry.
Dampen edges with water and pinch layers to close.

Slit a small hole on top, wrap and  freeze immediately or bake.

 I baked straight from the freezer, frozen at 190 for  about 1hour 20 mins.
Cover the tops with aluminum foil to prevent burning, after an hour remove foil to brown tops.  Pies are done when golden brown and the lower crust is firm and baked.



artofthepie dough

Vinegar Tip for top crust:

Extra reading on pie pastry

Extra in Simple print form

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