Friday, January 13, 2012

Choco pudding - super fast!

So fast, must write down before my senility gets the better of me!

Pre-heat oven at 180 oc,

4oz Dark Chocolate and a 'kiss' of milk (optional)
4oz Magarine/butter
2x Eggs
1/3 cup of sugar
dash Vanilla paste
5 TBPs of Plain flour

1. Melt choc and marg. in microwave
2. Whisk eggs and sugar till pale. Add Vanilla paste
3. Mix in choc, add flour
4. Pour 3/4 full in buttered ramekins.
5. 180 Oc in pre-heated oven for 10 mins, serve with whipped cream
Super Fast, make at a whim and have a piping hot pud when its cold and wet and dark outside, like now ;)
Hail on Winter storms

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