Sunday, May 17, 2015

Zakaim Meetup

1.  Kolarabi & Watermelon with toasted cashunuts

2.  Kale and Watermelon in oil and vinegarette

3.  Tahini and condiments plus 1/4 onion

4.  Sorrel in reduced apple and vinegar dressing - delish

5.  Aubergine, Tahini and condiments, chopped bell pepper and tomato sauce

6.  Fresh assortment of tomatoes, sliced chilis and oil, salt dressing

7.  Creamy polenta with corn.  Very tasty with the corn flavour

8.  Mushrooms with full spring onions.  The onions were surprisingly tasty.

9.  Rice in cabbage leave cooked for 24 hours, was sweet, slightly burnt with tahini sauce.  Didn't     finish.

10.  Creamed spinach? OK

Plus Crispy fried potatoes (butter or better arabic potatoes)
baked then deep fried served with homemade ketchup

85 nis per head.  Nice talk with the chef

Gazooz of Vinegar,cucumber, sugar. soda - refreshing delicious.

Plus at the end of the talk, Lemon cake and dark chocolate rolade cookie was served

Take from website, as didn't have photos of:

 11.  Home made fries from Arabic potatoes, baked, TORN then deep fried

 Aubergine baked

12.  Lettace in Parmesan and toasted croutons

13. Home made challah

14.  Baby peanut squash baked

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