Saturday, December 7, 2013

Brownies - gluten free

Sweet potatoes and ground almonds basically make up this gooey Brownie with dates as sweetner.
I measured by using ratios one ingredient to another.  Not sure if this easier, if not please let me know I will try to measure in grams next time.


2:3 ratio Sweet Potatoes
1:3 ratio Dates - de-stoned
Banana - optional for extra taste
3/4 cup Ground almonds (mix in blender)

Cacoa (dark unsweetend)  4 tbps
Maple syrup 3-4 tbps
Treacle 3 tbps
Walnut roughly chopped
Sesame White

Steam peeled yams till soft.
Process yams and dates in mixer.
Add salt, cacoa, syrups.
Taste, adjust
Hand mix carefully nuts.
Spread in tray and bake 180 for about 40 mins.
Leave to cool.  Cut into squares.
Coat with white sesame seeds for maximum visual impact.

Tastes great, sweet and moist, super rich and dark. The nuts and sesame adds a welcome crunch to the otherwise super soft 'brownie'.  No need to add even more sweetness so DO NOT sprinkle icing sugar

Note: If using 'Dutch-processed' Cacoa the brownies will come out incredibly dark with an insanely chocolately look without having any chocolate!
Very gooey and dense.

Source Recipe Click Here

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