Friday, October 5, 2012

Cucumber Pomegranite Salad

Quick dressing:
Vinegar (regular 5%)
Garnish: white, black sesame, pomegranite
Note: sugar can be replaced with another sweetner as long as it doesn't disturb the colouring of the overall salad. (ie red/green, black white)

I imagine any light coloured vinegar for example cider, maybe even rice vinegar? as long  as it keeps the whiteness of  the cucumbers,  balsamic would not do here.

This is a rather strong dressing so add it  tea/tablespoon at a time depending on the size of the salad , toss, taste,  then add more IF necessary


  1. That looks really refreshing. Besides the sesame, did you add anything else to season the salad?

  2. Hi A.K.
    Just the dressing and what you see is what you get :)


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