Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yorkshire Pudding

The best!

Basically pancake mix:
Plain Flour

Last time I added baking powder. They came out fluffy and tall.  Will try again just to make sure wasn't a one time fluke

Mix in blender or whatever thoroughly.
Heat oven to very hot and splash some oil in each cup. Heat the tray with oil inside till smoking.

Take tray out and very quickly pour the batter to fill about a 1/3 full of each cup.
Bake in very hot oven and bake till puffy and golden brown.
Serve with Roast beef and gravy, of-course.
Or for a twist, serve with whipped cream and treacle on top. Divine!

 Garlic studded entrecote, rib-eye roast.   Super soft and moist.
Put in pre-heated oven on high temp, then lower after so 20 mins to 200-ish oC  till done.  (Depends on size of rmeat)
Keep the juices and make the best ever gravy.

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