Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sabich - Home grown oops... made

Oh yea!
Tasted as good as it looks!

Felafel and Sabich

Crispy light and delicious
I cut the aubergines/eggplant to thick 1.5 cm thick for a good "steak'
My son likes them super thin as served on the streets in Tel Aviv.
BTW, I don't always bother or have time or mood to salt the aubergines.
If you can, sprinkle lightly salt, no need to wash off.
Dip in flour
Then dip in thick batter (water, flour, salt - whizz in blender to thick cream consistency)
Fry in very hot pre-heated oil

Don't think twice.  Cooked the whole batch.
Below the secret is revealed on how to re-heat to crispy fresh perfection!

Squish in freshly made salad, chili flakes and we're done!

Home made humus, fried onions and mushrooms to top,
Paprika and coriander for garnish

Crazy good

When in the mood for Sabich, felafel is a good companion

Secret is out!:
best way of re-heating sabich is in the toaster!! along with the pitta.
The sabich comes out hot and toasty crisp. Perfect!

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