Saturday, July 25, 2015


Atlast fluffy light Kasha! (buckwheat).
Now that it's finally what it should be, not soggy or claggy but full of air, each kasha bursting.  All puffed and popping out.
I finally understand what my partner loves about it and  I am completely addicted too.

This was the only thing in the house.
My partner usually makes this, his personal quest to remake his Polish grandmother's signature dish.
But he was going out, I  barely had time to ask  " So how do you make this?"
He was walking out the door as he shouted back "Just make it like rice!" 
So I did and the rest is history. His grandmother's long lost secret of making perfect kasha re-discovered!
Best of all,  as I write, toddler  scrambled up for a spoon and is scooping himself glorious mouthfuls.


Onions (optional)
Water (boiling)

Heat 1 tablespoon of oil.  (Fry onions till soft if using.)
Add 2 cups of kasha and  salt.
Stir and coat.
Heat for about a minute on high heat, continue to stir to avoid burning.
Add 3 cups of HOT water.
Cover with lid and reduce heat.
Cook till all the water is completely absorbed about 10-15 minutes.   Take off heat and leave to rest.  Do not take the lid off.   Wait 10 minutes, open and stir.   Should be light and fluffy.  Perfect Kasha!

Great mixed with salads as an all-in-one meal, or simply served at the table instead of rice or potatoes or couscous, a great refreshing change.  My Russian friends eat it sweet.  It's a great  'base' and open to all sorts of exciting variations.  Enjoy

Spices can be added to this, ie freshly grounded coriander seeds, cumin, etc.,
Added this when frying the onions.

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