Tuesday, June 3, 2014

class B produce class A dish

This was class B avocado, what's class B?  Not class A.
Class A is supposedly 'Top' quality though not necessary so, but yes you will be definitely paying Top prices.
Fruits and veggies are sold like most things with  a peak/ripe date and an expiry date.
It goes without saying the ripe, ready-to-eat, must-be-devoured-today will be much cheaper than the firmer, less ripe but will be ready to be eaten in the coming days will have a much higher price tag.
TIME in essence is what you are paying for.

My salad from 'price-reduced' produce
Fantastically ripe avocado; 
mixed lettuce leaves; 
apricots (reduced - class B); 
blue cheese; 
peaches (reduced - class B); 
pumpkin seeds; 
sunflower seeds;  
soft boiled egg; 
red onions; 
Dressing:  Balsamic; Olive oil; salt;

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