Saturday, May 17, 2014

Picked Peppers - super quick

Very quick indeed.
Admittedly, this was  rescue in disguise, I  saw the peppers STILL in the fridge and seeing I will have not time to do anything with them in a dish soon, decided best bet was to 'BUY TIME" so pickling it was!
Wash peppers, prettiest if you have multi-coloured, but perfectly fine if you just have red like I have here.
Place in plastic bag and micro-wave for say 10 mins.  Leave to cool.  Then peel the skin as well as you can.  "Don't worry if you don't get all the skin off.  Cut in strips ( I used sissors)   In a separate glass mix regular vinegar, white sugar, salt, dissolve granules and mix into the peppers.  Dress up with white and black sesame, add some chopped green coriander.

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