Friday, March 8, 2013

Lemon Curd

Seriously easy to make.

4 Eggs
2 Lemons (zest and juice)
4 Tbps of Sugar
2 Tbps of cornflour (optional)
200g Butter

8 eggs
11 lemons
juice of 1 cup of lemons
1.5 cup white regular sugar
250g butter

Note: Do NOT add cornflour, it thickened too much and left a clarified butter on top of curd.
without cornflour was  still thick and yellow without floating 'oil'

Whisk eggs, add zest and juice.
Heat add sugar, stir, add butter till all melted.  If you like it thicker add cornflour mixed in lemon juice or a little water and stir into pan.
While still hot, pot in heated jars.
Exceedingly good stuff.

Personal note: Lemons 2 nis per kg,
                     Butter   9 nis,
                    4 eggs   5 nis,
                             = 20 nis. Yield 2 jars.
Jar of baxter Lemon Curd ranges 22-25 nis.

Made it again and this just got serioiusly easier!
No double boiler and whisking....

1.  Melt butter with lemon zest and sugar straight in a pan, on low fire.
2.  Separates yolks
       (keep whites for pavlova, goes great with lemon curd after all whats Lemon Meringue!)
3.  When butter mix melted added lemon juice and egg yolks, one at a time.
4.  Stir constantly to avoid curdling.
  (I like to remove any stray (egg) white strands while string)
5.  Can/bottle while still hot in hot sterile jam jars.

Easy peasy.

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