Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cheese Sticks

Rolled up in a very handy roll.  This can be kept in the freezer and used later.

Puff pastry
Chedder cheese
(Ideally - but whatever you have on hand, Chedder because of it's orange colour to contrast the white pastry)
Dried herbs  ie. Thyme

Nigella seeds
(Think colour and contrast here: White pastry: Orange cheese: Black specks Nigella seeds)

Oven 200 Oc

Sprinkle generously and roll over to embed cheese and herbs into the puff pastry on BOTH sides.  (Tip: use a baking sheet underneath and on top, you can roll up with the sheet and freeze for easy storage then  bake directly on the baking sheet.)
Cut in quite thin strips.
Roll and freeze if not used immediately.

Note: Be sure to bake in a pre-warmed oven (otherwise the cheese dribbles and melts)

Serve with soups etc.

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