Thursday, April 19, 2012


Italian Castelli mascarpone  x 2 tubs
sponge fingers enough to line dish and 1 layer in middle
3 tbps sugar
bitter chocolate
3 eggs

1.  Add coffee to just enough boiling water and sugar to dissolve, add kahlua then add cold water, so cool  enough to dip sponge fingers in and line dish.
2.  whisk egg whites till stiff peaks.
3.  Whisk till pale egg yolks with sugar together.  Add mascarpone (if using israeli mascarpone may add alittle gelatin)
4.  Fold in whites
5.  Spread half mixture onto fingers.
6.  Line with more dipped sponge fingers.
7.  Layer remaining cheese mix and coat with cocoa and or bitter choc. chips.
Leave in fridge to set.

Can be made in individual jam jars and serve as is or for a family affair, just make in nice glass dish as shown and eat straight out of it!

This has fudge toffee topping

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