Monday, November 1, 2010

Ruti's Fish

Steak nisha ha nilus

The numerous times I've made this, and still I don't have an image to post here.
This is my absolute default recipe for guests comming over.
Quantities are ommited as it's so personal.
Its so easy, stress-free just what you need for feeding friends or after a long day.

Tomatoes (tin or fresh)
Lemons (pickled or fresh)
Fish Nilus

1. Chop garlic and onions and fry in a little oil.
2. Add Salt and tomatoes for a red sauce.
3. Arrange fish (between 2 or 3 fingers thick) into a deep dish.
4. Squeeze in wedges of lemon in between the fish.
5. Sprinkle some corriander.
6. Pour the tomato sauce, cover with aluminium foil and bake. After 40 minutes, check the middle of the dish if the fish is soft,moist and opaque.

Tip: Take the fish out of the oven just before it is done.
This way the fish stays perfectly moist when it's finally served.

Garnish with corriander, and salt


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