Monday, March 19, 2012


Strawberries in town and finally the price is cheap enough to make jam.
This can only mean scones...light fluffy victoria cakes and bakewell tarts.

1.5 kg strawberries, cleaned and hulled.
0.5 kg of sugar
juice of 1 Lemon

Keep strawberries whole, add lemon juice and put on medium heat. Do not add water!
When very runny and 'boiling' add sugar.
Gently stir, or sway pan in circular motion to dissolve sugar in the hot fruit.
Taste, if you prefer it to be a little sweeter, feel free to add more sugar to your liking.
(I like my strawberries to be as whole as possible and jam not overly sweet)

Do not cover.
Keep on low heat for about 3-4 hours or more, allowing jam to reduce and thicken.
Be careful the bottom of the pan doesn't burn or the jam begin to carmelize.

Beware this jam is very not sweet. In true british form, this jam is quite tarty, more fruit flavour and much less sugary than shop bought jams.

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  1. 2015
    Made with 3kg of strawberries and just 600g of sugar, yielded 3 medium jars


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